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Every day our 5,000 delivery experts deliver more than 1 million parcels across the world and beyond. Every relationship we build along the way matters to us.

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    Our delivery times are among the best in the industry

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    We place priority on the safety/security of your packages

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    Our services cut across every continent


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Genesis Global Delivery is one of the largest online resources dedicated to small and big businesses.
We deliver products and services that are effective, and geared towards
helping business owners become more competitive in their respective
industries. We are second to none.


“I have used Genesis Global Delivery Services over many years and I’ve always found them to be helpful and honest.
They keeps our customers informed and goes out of their way to overcome any issues.
Never ever let us down at any time whatsoever. Thanks a lot Genesis Global Delivery Courier team.”

— Ken Wardell - Baileys Carpets


“I used Genesis Global Delivery several times for short and long distance transport of my artworks.
I have always found them to be reliable, courteous, and punctual.
I can recommend their services especially for fragile items and artworks that require special attention and handling.”

— Julien Masson


“Fantastic, efficient service by Genesis Global Delivery team
Picked up and delivered promptly and punctually.
Will definitely use this company again and have already recommended it to friends.”

— Tim Dixon - Wren Kitchens


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for single product

  • Product Weight: < 3kg
  • Country: all
  • duration: 7-14 days
  • support: yes


for package product

  • Product Weight: < 3kg
  • Country: all
  • duration: 7-14 days
  • support: yes


for multiple product

  • Product Weight: < 3kg
  • Country: all
  • duration: 7-14 days
  • support: yes

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